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Siding Replacement & Repair

Elevate Your Home's Exterior with Premium Siding Replacement

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Our Siding Replacement & Repair Services Include

Precise Installation

  • Thorough Preparation: Before installation, we meticulously prepare the area, addressing any underlying issues and ensuring a clean, stable surface for the siding.
  • Expert Installation: Our experienced craftsmen skillfully install each siding panel, taking into account material characteristics, architectural nuances, and weather exposure, resulting in a seamless fit and impeccable alignment.

Rot Repair

  • Thorough Inspection: Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home's exterior, identifying areas affected by rot, decay, or water damage.
  • Precise Restoration: We skillfully replace and repair compromised sections of your siding and underlying structures, ensuring a solid foundation for the new siding installation and preventing further deterioration.

Material Selection

  • Premium Siding Variety: Explore a selection of top-tier siding materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, shingles, and more, tailored to elevate both the aesthetics and durability of your home.
  • Expert Guidance: Our specialists assist you in choosing the perfect siding material, considering architectural style, climate suitability, and long-term resilience, ensuring a harmonious blend of visual appeal and enduring strength.

Trim & Finish Upgrades

  • Customized Enhancements: Our craftsmen assess your home's design, recommending and implementing trim and finish upgrades that seamlessly integrate with your new siding, adding sophistication and style.
  • Installation: From intricate trim detailing to elegant finishes, we install these upgrades, ensuring a flawless and refined look for every corner, edge, and intersection.

Signs You Need New Siding

Visible Damage

Don't underestimate the impact of cracked, peeling, or warped siding on your home. While it certainly affects your home's curb appeal, these visual issues can also lead to more serious concerns. Damaged siding creates openings that invite water infiltration, potentially leading to mold growth, rot, and even compromising your home's structural integrity.

Increased Bills

If you've noticed a steady climb in your energy bills or experienced inconsistent indoor temperatures, your siding might be playing a role beyond its visual appearance. Siding serves as a protective barrier against outdoor elements, including temperature extremes.

Faded Appereance

Faded or discolored siding is more than just cosmetic; it can reveal material wear, potential structural issues, and decreased protection. It's a sign that your siding's durability may be compromised, demanding swift action to avoid deterioration, water damage, and structural harm.

Mold and Mildew

If you've noticed stubborn mold growth or excessive moisture buildup on your siding, it's more than just a surface issue. These signs can often point to deeper underlying problems that demand professional intervention. This moisture infiltration can weaken siding materials, compromise structural integrity, and even pose health risks to your household.

Types of Siding We Install

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide siding is a trusted name in the industry. Engineered for resilience, LP SmartSide combines the warmth of real wood with advanced technology, resulting in a siding solution that resists termites, rot, and weather challenges. Your home will not only stand the test of time but also exude a classic charm that boosts its curb appeal.

Vinyl Siding

Versatile and low-maintenance, vinyl siding offers an array of colors and textures, enhancing your home's aesthetic while resisting fading, cracking, and warping. Its cost-effectiveness and durability make it a popular choice for homeowners seeking an attractive and hassle-free exterior.

Cedar Siding

Unmatched in natural beauty, cedar siding exudes timeless charm and warmth. Resistant to decay and insects, it offers exceptional longevity while developing an appealing patina over time. Its rich aesthetics and sustainability make it a choice that stands the test of time.

Fiber Cement Siding

A resilient blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding boasts impressive durability, resistance to moisture, and flame-retardant properties. With the appearance of wood or masonry, it provides an authentic look without the maintenance demands.

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