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How to Separate Bathroom from Master  Bedroom?

Have you ever felt that your bedroom and bathroom are too close together? You are not alone. The blinding lights and a serious lack of privacy are hardly ideal conditions. In a world where even home furnishings appear to suffer from separation anxiety, don't panic.

We're here with the solution. This could be considered your private invitation to an intimate place where you can feel comfortable to relax. Prepare yourself for a remodeling adventure that challenges traditional notions of privacy and bids farewell to the outdated privacy norms of the past.

In this article, we’ll share how to separate your bathroom from the master bedroom. Let’s roll.

Demo Phase, or Breaking Down the Barriers

So, let's start with a little dose of deconstruction therapy. In the demonstration phase, you must take a no-holds-barred approach to break the walls between the master bedroom and bathroom.
The goal? Creating a space that not only co-exists but also becomes vibrant through individuality.
The most important thing is maintaining a clear distinction. It is time to stop being vague about the purpose of each place. The "before," when a mere flick of a light switch lit up the whole space as a spotlight, needed to be resolved.

Crafting Boundaries with Precision

After the dust from the demo settles, it is all about framing. Precision becomes one name for this game as we explained the making of a new wall and doorway. 
This calls for careful adjustments to the walls. Suppose the original construction had a few tricks up its sleeve, the angle at which the walls met needed a bit of finesse to make the addition look seamless.
The framing phase isn't just about building walls. It is about sculpting the canvas for a space that speaks volumes in separation. As the new structure emerges, it will whisper privacy promises and a distinct identity for the bedroom and bathroom.

Dealing with Drywall

So, let's talk about drywall. The invisible hero of home makeovers. Dealing with drywall can be called a crapshoot.
Instead of wrestling with the uncertainties, consider opting for a practical solution, such as bringing in professionals. You're not giving up if you hire a drywaller. After all, they know their stuff.
Here, efficiency is your best bet. Getting an expert’s help can eliminate the headache of a DIY fight and is also part of ensuring your conceived model has just the right setting.
The result? The next stop on your remodeling journey is a sleek and even surface.

The Finishing Flourish

After drywall, you need to worry about the painting and trim installation. You can use pre-primed boards from the local Home Depot and cut corners. And then frame them. This selection guarantees efficiency and a smooth, refined surface that raises the overall effect.

Using Precision and Wood Filler to Iron Out the Wrinkles

It's time to uncover how you get your lovely finishes. When it comes to those pesky nail holes and seams, use a fine wood filler. The trick? Apply multiple coats for a good foundation. To know when it's ready for the last sanding, just watch its color change from pink to natural. This isn't just any wood putty; it is the making of a work in which all defects disappear and only the aesthetic remains.


From the first swing of a hammer to applying wood filler, your remodeling experience is chaos, becoming canvas. In your home, privacy is essential. As you complete your venture to separate the bathroom from the master bedroom, take pride in the work you've accomplished. However, if you are looking for expert hands to do the magic for you, give MDA Remodelling a call and let them do the undertaking for you.

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